A Cappella Comedy

Outstanding a cappella vocal performances in a dynamic and entertaining theater show!

The internationally acclaimed A Cappella group iNtrmzzo is one of Europe's most unique and innovative vocal bands,
able to perform in a wide variety of musical styles and always with a healthy dose of Dutch humor.

Ever wondered what iNtrmzzo 'really' sounds like? Meaning no microphones, no effects? Up close and personal,
just the naked honesty of their acoustic sound...

Now is your chance!

Liven up your family gathering, private party or sunday lunch with a unique acoustic performance by iNtrmzzo.
Each performance will be tailor-made to fit your requirements. We will stay at arms length but our voices will not.


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These shows will be available in Holland only for now

Official 2020 promo video

Our latest theater show

On The Road Again

A Vocal A Cappella Roadshow

Who doesn’t like music blasting out of their car stereo, hair blowing in the wind (at least for two of the band members), singing along with your favorite songs from the 70's & 80's? iNtrmzzo does!

The Dutch vocal group iNtrmzzo is back on the road again with a stunning a cappella comedy road show performed in a way only iNtrmzzo can. Amazing beatbox, groovy songs & classic ballads combined with their absurd comedy performed by Europe’s most innovative A Cappella band from The Netherlands

Buckle up and get ready for a ride with iNtrmzzo!

We're back !

Upcoming gigs

On The Road Again

Gustav Mahler Saal, Kulturzentrum Grand Hotel

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The press about iNtrmzzo

  • account_circle
    If Monthy Python would have sung A Cappella, they would have done it like this
  • account_circle
    A strong, entertaining show from 4 multi-talents
    Het Parool
  • account_circle
    The ensemble excelled in comedy and good timing. The audience was amazed by the performance of these four men
    Rheinische Post

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